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Unique Property of Guernsey Milk - 1

Beta Carotene - As this is not digested and broken down by Guernsey cows, it creates the wonderful golden colour in the milk and its products.

Unique Property of Guernsey Milk - 2

Omega 3 - Guernsey milk is naturally better balanced than other milks, with test results showing it to have one part omega 3 to two parts omega 6, whereas all other milks are one part omega 3  to six parts omega 6.

Unique Property of Guernsey Milk - 3

Beta Casein A2 - Guernsey milk has a naturally high percentage of Beta Casein A2 (tested to be more than 95% of A2). Other milks have shown to be between 40% (Jersey milk) and 15% (Holstein milk).
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Written by Digby Gribble   
Monday, 08 December 2008 12:20

Olive Farm at Babcary, in Somerset, is a family-run operation with David and Rosie Paull and David’s parents, Ken and Mary, all involved in the business. They trade under the name of Hurdlebrook Dairy.

The business started with the sale of “green-top", i.e. unpasteurised, milk and cream through local Farmers' Markets in Somerset, but has since expanded to take in the much larger Guildford and Oxford markets, as well as the Notting Hill, Islington and Marylebone markets in London.

Recently a newly equipped process room has been commissioned which has allowed Yoghurt, Creme Fraiche and Smoothies to be added to the product range.

A local farmhouse cheese maker uses their Guernsey milk to make two excellent cheeses.

Here's a table showing the details of the Farmers' Markets that Hurdlebrook Dairy attends:




Notting Hill

Every Sat: 0900-1300

Corner Kensington Church Street


1st & 3rd Sun: 1000-1400

William Tynedale School


1st & 3rd Sun: 1000-1400

Moxon Street


1st & 3rd Thurs: 0900-1430

Gloucester Place


1st Tues: 1000-1530

High Street


2nd Sat: 0900-1300

Cheese & Grain Building

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2Monday, 17 May 2010 10:26

Hi, do you sell raw Milk in Guildford on a Tuesday.. I would love to drive over and pick some up!


 Best regards. 


William Evans 

Monday, 21 June 2010 10:11
Olive Farm Babcary do go to the markets in Guildford. Their Hurdlebrook products, milk, cream & yoghurt will be available.
1Sunday, 15 November 2009 08:44
Geoff Roberts

Hello, we are looking for two house-cows that have been hand-milked or a cow with female calf.  Are you likely to have any for sale in the next couple of months?

Kind regards

Geoff roberts

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Hurdlebrook Guernsey dairy products
Monday, 08 December 2008
Olive Farm at Babcary, in Somerset, is a family-run operation with David and Rosie Paull and David’s parents, Ken and Mary, all involved in the...

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